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Permanent Recruitment

Permanency and commitment are attributes that not only people, but companies seek too. PCUBE specializes in professional recruitment services helping clients hire right talent. The dynamics of permanent recruitments are quite unique, and the role of PCUBE Staffing comes in right at the beginning. Unlike generic partners who just load you with irrelevant resumes, experts at PCUBE Staffing begin their work by understanding the domain and niche hiring needs of the client. The outbound hiring model strategically market client’s talent need to both active and passive candidates and sell opportunities not jobs. PCUBE has both, the expertise and the experience which is critical in providing permanent recruitment solutions.

Below are some of the differentiators which keep PCUBE Staffing Reta

  • Detailed evaluation of Client and Job Description
  • Primary Research on the mandate and Industry Mapping
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Thoroughly Screened Profiles to Client
  • Social Recruiting
  • Dedicated team of Recruiters
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